Braves Add Saito to the Bullpen

Frank Wren continues to be an aggressive shopper, picking up Takashi Saito on a $3.2 million, one-year deal. The contract includes $500,000 in bonuses for appearances, and $1.8 million for games finished. So, if he supplants Wagner as the closer, he’ll get paid for it.

I have Saito valued at $6.25 million for 2010. Although, aging for a player who’s about to turn 40 and has been injured recently is difficult to calculate, I think it’s another good deal. I also wonder if the Braves had an advantage here, because they have a Japanese interpreter on staff.

4 Responses “Braves Add Saito to the Bullpen”

  1. Millsy says:

    Is Soriano not with the Braves anymore? He seemed to dominate, and O’Flaherty was solid, too. When are they going to pick up one more hitter and start playing Diaz and KJ? At that point I’d have to put them in at least the Wild Card. Definitely looks like pitching is the team focus.

  2. JC says:

    Soriano is a free agent who will likely sign elsewhere. The Braves have offered arbitration, but the speculation is that he will decline.

  3. Millsy says:

    Yeah good point. I realized Soriano was leaving not long after my post. Gonzalez, too, I think.

    What about Lowe to the bullpen? He thrived there at points in his career.

    Since you said you account for the use of relievers in your new model, does the $6.25 estimate include Saito as a closer or middle-reliever? Just a curiosity.

  4. JC says:

    Lowe could be used out of the bullpen, but it looks like if anyone goes to the bullpen it will be Kawakami (but that could change in the spring). More likely, a starter will be moved so no one will go to the pen.

    I valued Saito as a middle reliever.