File Under True, But Misleading

Rob Neyer points to an AP story about the “rise” in stimulant exemptions for ADHD among MLB players.

Stimulant exemptions in MLB slightly rise again

NEW YORK (AP) -The number of baseball players authorized to use otherwise banned stimulants for ADHD rose for the second straight year.

Baseball granted 108 therapeutic use exemptions for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder during the year ending with this World Series, according to a report released Tuesday by MLB’s independent drug-testing administrator. That was up from 106 a year earlier and 103 in 2007.

So, in three years total exemptions have risen by a grand total of five…and an increase in exemptions is the story? I’m more shocked that players aren’t flocking to known effective performance-enhancing drugs (unlike growth hormone) through a legal exemption. These are the same drugs that for years players openly mixed into clubhouse coffee pots.

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