Nats Sign Marquis

The Nationals signed Jason Marquis to a two-year $15 million contract. Marquis is not a good pitcher, but he’s not awful. I know there is a tendency to hate guys like Marquis, but he’s better than many other options. I estimate the Marquis is worth about $13.5 million over the contract term.

This is a bad deal for the Nationals, but not because they payed him more than I estimate they should. The Nationals are terrible, and paying market price on the free-agent market for the likes of Marquis, Ivan Rodriguez, and possibly Matt Capps are finishing touches that good teams make to solidify themselves for a playoff run. Looks like the team is trying to solidify short-term mediocrity for long-run success.

4 Responses “Nats Sign Marquis”

  1. Kevin Reiss says:

    When a team has two consecutive 100-loss seasons leading to rampant fan and media apathy and with few viable internal options out of which to construct a pitching staff, is short-term mediocrity such a bad thing? With Strasburg starting 2010 in the minors and Zimmermann not due back from TJ until the middle of 2011, Marquis will be a free agent again before the Nats will be truly competitive anyway.

  2. David says:

    I will say that mediocrity would be a welcome improvement to the Nationals. Unfortunately, it would take a couple more Marquis-level players to make the Nationals mediocre.

    I also have no doubt that Ned Colletti wishes he had the money to go after Jason Marquis and Ivan Rodriguez.

  3. Marc Schneider says:

    I agree with the above comments. I’m not crazy about these deals–especially the Pudge deal, which just seems crazy to me-but the team has lost DC. They have to show some signs that they care–and sending out a bunch of rookies, even Strasburg, to lose 100 games again isn’t going to do it. As long as these deals don’t preclude them from spending money in a more positive way, I can’t be too negative about them.


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