O’s Sign Mike Gonzalez

Tim Brown reports that Mike Gonzalez and the Orioles have agreed on a two-year, $12 million contract. Incentives may push the total compensation up to $16 million.

Given Gonzalez’s recent injury, it’s difficult to know exactly what kind of pitcher he really is. But, if he’s the guy who pitched in 2010, then I have him valued at around $13 million for the contract term. I have to admit that Gonzalez looked awfully strong in 2009, but I do worry about any history of injury.

Addendum: For some reason, I was thinking that Gonzalez was a Type B free agent. He’s Type A and the O’s pick is protected, so they will give up their second round pick instead of their first. Well, Gonzo didn’t join up with Scott Boras to take a discount.

4 Responses “O’s Sign Mike Gonzalez”

  1. Millsy says:

    Since you’re on the Orioles today, any idea if a team would do the Millwood deal with intent to trade him to a contender at the deadline? Otherwise, it doesn’t make much sense to me to take on that kind of salary when they’re obviously not going to be contending for 2 years at best. Do you even think it’s reasonable to take on that salary in hopes of a good first half, then go fishing for prospects? Seems uber-risky.

  2. JC says:

    Acquiring Millwood was just a boneheaded move by the O’s.

  3. Millsy says:

    Haha. I wouldn’t disagree, just thought maybe they had something up their sleeve (which, I guess is the hope of all the Orioles fans out there during this 12 year rebuilding period).

    Given what they’ve done recently, it seems like the Millwood trade was very uncharacteristic (but more characteristic of the previous regimes between 1997 and acquiring Adam Jones).

  4. jfish26101 says:

    I dunno, with all that youth and a few key veteran signings, I think they at least have a shot to pull a 2008 Rays out of their butts. They have the youth (Matusz, Tillman, Wieters, Jones, Markakis, Reimold, etc), it’s just too bad their veteran acquisitions are unlikely to get them over the hump. Yes the Sox/Yanks are stacked but they were pretty damn stacked when the Rays shocked em. If some things went right with that much young talent and they lucked out with landing betters pitching options than Millwood/Gonzalez, it could get interesting. Of course with 4-5 quality teams, you run the risk of beating each other out of the WC race but it sure will give the fans something to watch.