Taking Requests

The hectic summer took me away from the blog more than I had anticipated, but things are beginning to lighten up to where I can settle back into a routine in October. If you have any topics that you would like me to write on, let me know via the comments, e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook.

8 Responses “Taking Requests”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    Why are modern pitchers so fragile? They pitch fewer innings per game, start fewer games, and have more days rest between starts. In addition they have much better training and medicine to cope with the stresses of pitching.

    I have heard it repeated that there will no longer be 300 game winning pitchers. What happened to the Nolan Ryans and the Bob Gibsons?

  2. David says:

    1) What traits or skills do MLB teams scout for, and what do they expect players to develop over time?

    2) What traits/skills do teams avoid? How do they estimate injury risk, and do they do this well? Can they?

    3) What pitches generate more injuries? It seems that pitchers who throw a curveball more often get injured more (think Ben Sheets, Chris Carpenter, Stephen Strasburg). Is this really the case, and if so, is it worth the risk?

  3. TomL says:

    If the Braves and Heyward attempt to negotiate a long-term contract after the season, what do you think the numbers/years would be?

  4. Bruce Meyers says:

    What is the latest on the Gwinnett Stadium? Is it an issue in the local elections? Up here in New York State the local mayor of Albany keeps pushing for a convention center and the State, despite it’s dire financial picture, keeps tossing money the mayor’s way for land purchases.

  5. Chris says:

    please write on why yunel is better than alex gonzalez

  6. Jay McDonald says:

    Sorry about your recent loss. Your dad was quite interesting.

    Enjoy your comments. Have you looked into how many games, like tonight, where the Braves have only scored in one inning? It seems like it happens all the time. Is there any correlation to that and losing/winning? How does it compare to other teams…are these stats readily available? If so, where? Thanks. Jay

  7. Edward says:

    Just wanted your thoughts on the current pennant race in both leagues and what your expected outcome is. Also, it seems that the Phils have developed a nice rhythm with Wilson Valdez in the lineup. Given Rollins’ injuries this year, should Manuel keep him out of the starting lineup heading into the postseason?

  8. Michael says:

    The valuation of players from former eras in today’s free agency market…

    i.e. – What would the greats of yesteryear be making in today’s game…