Q&A at Wages of Wins

Here’s an interview about Hot Stove Economics with Dave Berri at Wages of Wins Journal. Here is a tease.

2. There are many sabermetric books, or books looking at statistics in baseball. How is your book different from the other books in this area?

Well, I use some sabermetrics in my book for valuing players. Bill James, John Thorn and Pete Palmer, and Voros McCracken all made important contributions to helping us understand what things players do to help teams win. I don’t dwell on sabermetric questions. My main goal is to understand the business relationship between play on the field and financial success. Sabermetricians have used some financial models to connect player performance and worth, but these simple approaches are too limited to proxy the impact of performance on revenue. What’s missing from sabermetric value assessments is economics. I approach the problem using common tools of labor economics, which has been missing.

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